Partner in Education Volunteer Policy

Parents play a vital role in the educational process for students.  Seeing parents and family members involved in the school sends a strong message to children that school is an important place.

Parents with students attending Palmetto Charter School have entered into a contract where they are responsible to perform twenty (20) hours of volunteer time per family each year.  (Note: Parents with more than one child are not required to double their time.)

Parents are given credit for volunteer time any time they take time out of their day to show their child that their school is important to them also.  Children need this parental involvement in order to thrive.  Parents may perform some of their time at home and persons important to the child, other than parents, may also volunteer toward this time.

Families can track their hours by creating a Track it Forward account. Please go to

Volunteer Hours

Enrolling parents/guardians will still be required to complete twenty hours during the school year (hours completed during the summer before can count toward the upcoming).  Any adult that plays an important role in the student’s life can complete volunteer hours for the student under the enrolling parent’s name.  Here are some important clarifications:

At least ten of the hours must include direct service to the school in one of these categories:

  • Assisting a teacher at school (verification form must be completed)
  • Correctly completing teacher assigned take-home tasks in a timely manner (verification form must be completed)
  • Helping to clean the school facilities
  • Helping to supervise during student drop-off 7:45-8:30 am
  • Helping to keep our grounds and flower beds looking nice
  • Helping with any PTO function, including meetings
  • Assisting with supervision and clean-up in the Cafeteria and playground during breakfast or lunch
  • Assisting with special projects as directed by the Principal or Assistant Principal
  • Standardized testing preparation or proctoring
  • Assisting with coaching or other after-school clubs
  • Assisting with fundraisers

The remaining ten hours can be earned in any of the ways above (section 1) or in the following ways:

  • Participating in field trips
  • Attending PCS athletic events (one hour per game, per person)
  • Attending school wide events such as recognition ceremonies, school musical performances, Dinner Auctions, Field Day, Celebration Success
  • Eating lunch with your student at school
  • Donations to class baskets (up to one hour will be given for the time taken to buy and bring in donated items)
  • Attending PCS Board Meetings
  • Attending Open Houses, Parent Conferences, IEP Meetings or other scheduled events on campus

Additional policies and procedures:

  • Volunteer hours cannot be transferred (given) from one log-in sheet to another
  • Volunteer hours must be recorded on the Volunteer Log-in sheets within a month of completion
  • Log-in sheets should remain in the office

(Note:  In accordance with the Jessica Lunsford Act, everyone visiting campus must sign in at the office and receive an official photo ID in order to be on school grounds.  In addition, all volunteers going on field trips must also have completed FDLE checks before they can chaperone.  Forms are available in the office.)

Please note:  Palmetto Charter School strictly enforces the volunteer time requirement.  In accordance with the parent contract you signed, failure to complete your obligation will result in the student not being allowed to re-enroll for the following year.  Our parental involvement is part of what makes our school special.  So, please start early on your volunteer time.



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