Visitors are welcome and must sign-in at the school office to obtain a visitor badge to wear while on campus.  A valid Driver’s License or government-issued ID will be required in order for first-time visitors / parents to obtain a visitor badge. Visitors are expected to sign out in the office before leaving the campus.  Visitors will not be permitted during test weeks.


Parental Visits

Parents are always welcome to visit our school. However, PCS requires everyone to sign in at the school office to obtain a visitor badge. Parents are not allowed to make unscheduled visits to the classroom during school hours as this disrupts the classroom environment.  Parents that bring items their child may have forgotten at home (homework, lunch, etc.) should deliver them to the office, not the classroom.  If parents wish to observe in a child’s class, they will need to obtain administrative approval at least one day prior to the visit. Conferences with teachers or administrators require an appointment. Parents may contact the teacher or school office for arrangements.


Student Visitors

Student visitors are welcome to visit Palmetto Charter School. The visiting student must have administrative approval, and teacher permission, at least one day prior to the visit. The visitor must sign in at the school office and obtain a visitor pass prior to going to class.


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