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Modifying our dress code was a decision that our Board of Directors made the 2017-2018 school year. Please be sure to ask questions before purchasing anything that you aren't sure is approved.


Added the 2019-20 school year: Uniform Cardigan & Grey Dri fit polos


The two vendors on our website have all the available options at affordable prices, including tops, pants and jackets, sweaters, and cardigans. Please use only these vendors FIRST for any uniform purchases.  This insures that you are purchasing exactly what has been approved of by our Board. If you have questions about sizing, trying on pants/shorts, etc. please direct these to the vendor as we do not have inventory at the school.

All uniforms shirts must be purchased through one of three approved vendors listed above.

ONLY IF YOU ARE HAVING DIFFICULTY FINDING BOTTOMS THAT FIT your child at one of our vendors, we are allowing parents to purchase bottoms only from Land’s End (900183997 our school number) and the Children’s Place.

If you choose to purchase from Children's Place the item's listed below are ONLY what is acceptable. Also, there are two different "khaki" colors. Please only purchase the DARK khaki color. I believe the girls color is "sesame" and the boys is "flax".

• Boy's Chino Pants and Shorts (no cargo or skinny or knit)

• Girl's Pleated Skort (no knit)

• Girl's Uniform Basic Pants (no skinny or knit or jeggings)

• Girl's Woven Uniform Shorts (no skinny or knit)

Girl's jumpers should only be purchased through one of our approved vendors.

You can refer to the student handbook for additional Do’s and Don’ts.




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