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Uniform Policy Changes

Letter emailed home to families 6/8/2017

Dear Parents,

We hope that this finds you having a fabulous summer thus far!

Our dress code standards are stated in our handbook as such:

“PCS dress code standards make a visible statement about our school and about our character.  Regardless of the changes we see in styles and fads from year to year, the need for modesty, neatness and a well-groomed appearance never change.”  … We understand that dress code standards may be subjective, and that everyone has their own ideas.  However, we must set definite standards that are clear to the students and can be enforced by the administration.”

This spring, the PCS Governing Board voted to tighten up our current uniform policy.  There are a few changes to the uniform policy, including the allowance for dry fit shirts and a more feminine option for girls.  The Board also moved to require that all bottoms be purchased through our two approved vendors only. This will ensure that all bottoms are compliant.

The current shirt colors of green, white, gray and black remain. Therefore, shirts that were compliant last year will be compliant this year.  (There were vendors in the past which put our school logos on non-compliant shirts with “peter-pan” collars, bedazzled collars, etc. and those will not be allowed going forward.)

The three vendors on our website have all the available options at affordable prices, including tops, pants and jackets. Please use only these two vendors for any uniform purchases.  If you have questions about sizing, trying on pants/shorts, etc. please direct these to the vendor as we do not have inventory at the school. We will also be enforcing the policy that socks should be a solid black, navy, or white.

As indicated above, we have worked to make compliance with our school uniform policy as affordable as possible.  However, we have some lightly used shirts and scholarship funds to help as needed.

Thank you!

PCS Administration



Modifying our dress code was a decision that our Board of Directors made at the March board meeting. We are doing our best to carry-out their wishes and accommodate families at the same time.

We understand that some of our students are having issues with our vendors not having inventory for particular sizes. If you are having difficulty with finding bottoms that fit your child at one of our vendors, we are allowing parents to purchase from Land’s End (900183997 our school number) and the Children’s Place.

We have been recommending parents stay away from anything that contains spandex. However, it does so happen that most of the girl's bottoms at Children's Place have 3% spandex. I think you all know where we are coming from. If the item has the word "SKINNY" in the description... it's not going to be what we're trying to accomplish. We want loose-fitting pants on our kids. The girls basic woven shorts and pants are acceptable. The boys woven chino shorts and pants are acceptable.

 They also have two different "khaki" colors. Please only purchase the DARK khaki color. I believe the girls color is "sesame" and the boys is "flax".

We also understand that the start of school is right around the corner. If you find that you haven’t been able to rectify any situations that have come up we will work with you! Just let us know what that circumstance is and we can go from there.

I appreciate your understanding and continued patience.

Mrs. Council


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