Please note - we follow the district calendar with the exception of Wednesday early release dates. We do NOT have Wednesday early outs.

Upcoming Important Dates

5/7     MOSI Rand field trip 7th grade

5/10   RINGLING field trip -4th grade

5/13th Sports awards ceremony 1:30 in the church sanctuary

5/17 – 5/22 Bustle/Durrance/8th Graders in Washington DC

5/20   SSYRA Kinder-5th grade luncheon

5/23   Kinder graduation 7pm

5/23   Patrol field trip with Coach Metzler

5/24   LOWRY PARK - 3rd Grade field trip

5/24   M/S SSRYA breakfast

5/24   7th Grade Tallahassee trip

5/28 8th Grade Banquet River Wilderness 6pm

5/29   Art Show 5pm – 7pm

5/29   BOARD meeting in library 3:30pm with Board members and Mr. Bustle/Mrs. Schmidt

5/30   Awards Ceremony in Church sanctuary and Ground Breaking Ceremony
















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